Our vision

  • To be the leading integrated consulting services provider in the regional market: IN and FROM Panama.
  • Be the consulting company capable of engaging, attracting and retaining the best professional talents.
  • Dare to innovate and take on challenges in the design and application of new sustainable technologies, in a creative environment: viable solutions and the creation of value ... for a better world.

Our values

  • Responsible professionals, each and as a team, for the success of ECODIPLA in providing the best service to its customers.
  • Transparency: at ECODIPLA we are committed and guided in our intention to serve, through ethical conduct and personal integrity.
  • Collaboration: ECODIPLA is an organization with a comprehensive vision of service to provide the client with a value-added solution, for which we assume the associative principles of strategic collaboration with other leading companies, as a way to better serve our customers.

Our Principles of Action

  • Provide our customers with innovative solutions and technical excellence. Concerted effort in team, with the client.
  • Holistic visualization in the value chain associated with projects.
  • Develop our business activities with integrity, applying ethical principles in our relationship with customers, employees, suppliers and other related.
  • Respectful of the laws and customs of other countries where we work.
  • Ensure we comply with regulations-best practices in occupational health, personal safety and environmental protection.
  • Encourage our employees to contribute to their communities in their immediate environment, but always thinking globally for a better world.